Balloon Flee In detail

Balloon Flee
Physics Puzzle / Platform
Price: Free
Google Play Store
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Balloon Flee is a physics puzzle/based game, where you use left/right controls to blow wind and move the air balloon around different obstacles such as fire, spikes, ventilator, pipes and other, to reach the exit pipe.

It all started when a group of air balloon friends was taking a trip. A Blue Bird, Bee, Owl, Penguin and a Ladybug were out peacefully enjoying their journey, when the Cats and Bats attacked them and captured their friend Jamie, and imprisoned him in the castle!

Help the balloons flee and go after the Cats and Bats, but watch out, they will be waiting with different traps, to pop the air balloon

Balloon Flee features:

  • 90 Levels full of fun flying over three worlds (Hills, Forest, Castle)
  • Two game modes: Story and Survivor
  • Five air balloon characters (Blue Bird, Bee, Owl, Penguin and a Ladybug)
  • Three controller settings: Analog, Digital (Default), Digital transparent
  • Achievements:
    • Time Left > 20 seconds, you win three balloons
    • Time Left > 0 Seconds, you win one balloon
    • Time Left > 10 seconds, you win two balloons

Managed to complete three balloons in all levels? Let’s see if you dare to complete the survivor challenge by passing all levels sequentially with no balloon pop.