How to charge your battery

How To Charge Your Mobile Phone's Battery...Overnight

We have all been there, got back late at night from work/gym/outing, tired and lazy sunk in bed with the phone battery dead. Get that charger and charge it to 100% overnight and tadadaaaaa the next morning it is full and ready for it's next power marathon.

But, What you are actually doing is slowly killing your battery and putting yourself at risk of battery overheating. Now of course some high quality phones turn off the charging when it reaches a certain %, and other apps also help with this. But for the average Joe this is not the case. Your battery is on a marathon every day Consider the battery as a human body running a marathon every day. Humans need to consume healthy food and water to have enough energy to move, and they should eat moderately. Eating too fast will make you bloated and feel really tired, while eating slowly make you feel full with less quantity and you won't feels as tired. In addition, eating all day long is not at all healthy. Do you see where we are going? The battery needs electricity (the food) to work, If you charge it all night it is like eating meat all night long, especially if you are using the original charger, the battery will be always fully charged, and continuously charging, causing it to heat up and in some cases to bloat and in other cases causing it to blow up in case the battery is defective. So the battery as the human body needs to eat in healthy portions !!!

The Solution: Get yourself a 24 Hour Timer Switch !

24 hour timer

The device is plugged into your wall socket, and then become the socket itself, but with a timer. Set the timer to the current time, and then pin down the pegs with a pen or with your fingernails. Each peg is 15 minutes, so you can have it set to charge for 15 minutes every 60-90 minutes, so on an average sleeping period of 6 hours your phone would be plugged for a max of an hour+ instead of the whole 6 hours. This way your battery is charging moderately, in a healthy way, without overheating and overcharging. A healthy battery means a stable running phone. Price Ranges from 4$ to 10$ for a Single outlet.
I have used this techniques on my old Samsung galaxy nexus, and to this day, 4 years after I bought it the phone is still brand new ! (Well of course pimped with a Cyanogen ROM for the software updates ;) plenty of videos on youtube shows the 24 hour timer switch's different models, here's a simple one as an example (He got it all correct except at the end, the line equals bypass the timer, flip the switch so that the clock appears to activate the timer) .

DISCLAIMER: As usual I am not responsible for any damage that occurs following the above recommendation. Proceed at will : )