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How to change the screen's resolution on Android Device ?

Got a new andorid device with a FUll HD screen? or a QHD screen? But those icon are still so freakin big?
Do you need more space on the screen? Click below to find out how you can change the resolution of the screen the same way you do on your windows PC or others.

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How To Charge Your Mobile Phone's Battery...Overnight

how to recharge your phone's battery

We have all been there, got back late at night from work/gym/outing, tired and lazy sunk in bed with the phone battery dead. Get that charger and charge it to 100% overnight and tadadaaaaa the next morning it is full and ready for it's next power marathon.

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[For the non-tech-savvy] Social Media, Followers and your Privacy

So you got your Instagram account, and started connecting with your friends and family. Went on vacation posted those pictures, your friends and family like the photos. With more and more followers, you start getting that feeling that you want your pictures private... So you set your profile to private, and you are safe. Right? Not Exactly.

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