Dare To Deal - Space Edition In detail

dare to dela space edition
Board Game
Price: Free
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Complete details can be found on www.epollomes.com
Dare To Deal 2 - Space Edition, the sequel to Dare To Deal that kept you on the edge of your nerves, comes back with the excitement of challenging the banker in the Deal Or No Deal game and win the maximum possible amount. But !
This time the challenge goes to space! You will play this time guided with your Artificial Intelligence assistant, in a unique glowing spatial theme and futuristic sound effects.

- Glowing graphics and spatial theme
- Real speaking assistant (Make sure your sound in on)
- Futuristic and spatial sound effects
- Leader boards to challenge your friends with the highest cumulative amount
- Support every possible devices device out there, from the cheapest low end devices to the QHD devices !

To Deal Or No To Deal, the call is yours.
Have Fun!