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MISS – My Internet StatuS helps you monitor the status of your internet connection and get notified when you lose connectivity to take actions. Never miss any important email, message, chat message or any update you are waiting urgently, due to internet connection loss. Get notified via notification of the status change, and customize your notification.
MISS monitors the status of the actual internet connection and not only active WIFI network or data connection such as 3G 4G and others. Mainly the app will notify you in most cases when you lose connection such as:
  • No active networks: WIFI, 3G, 4G
  • Active network available, but internet connection is down
  • Network and Internet available, but your signal is very low to connect
And others…Mainly if you cannot use the internet you will be notified, and take appropriate action on your side. The app notifies you using notification with three notification type (In addition to vibration and LED, customization):
  • Standard text notification
  • Notification with standard ringtone
  • Notification with custom speech to inform you of the status

PS: If you receive "internet connection available" notification, without a disconnection this means that the internet connection had undergone a glitch without disconnecting.

Technically while other app use DNS or HTTP check, this one uses a low level ping, that gives 100% accurate result and preventing erroneous cached results.

The app is straight forward: install, launch it once and the process will handle everything for you. You don’t even have to restart it after reboot.

Check the video for complete demo (@ 1:55 for a live demo)

Permission explained:
INTERNET & ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Connect to the internet and check the status
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Start the process automatically when the phone reboots
WAKE_LOCK: wake the process periodically to check for internet connection
VIBRATE: To be able to vibrate the phone with the notification