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Reckless Stunts, is an epic new endless racing game with a stunt and power-ups twist, presented with a unique mechanical theme!
Race in 5 tracks with 11 awesome vehicles including: Muscle Cars, Monster Trucks, Army Trucks and APC, an Electric Pod, Hot Rod, Super Cars, Mining Tractor and a special Octo-Wheel.
Each car has its own characteristics and is best suitable for a specific track, to help you perform better stunts and beat the challenges. Don't forget the charging power up meter to enable the in-race power-ups. Features
  • 11 Cars with different categories: Muscle Cars, Monster Trucks, Army Trucks (Truck and APC), Hot Rod, Electric Cars, Mining Bull Dozer and a special Octo-Wheel.
  • 5 worlds: Stones Hills, Bumpy City, Snow Hills, Safari, Downhill.
  • In game power-ups (Nitro, Fuel, Power Flip, Double Coin). Use the power-ups to help you beat the challenges.
  • Mechanical theme, with mechanical sounds and original soundtrack.
  • Support all ranges of screen sizes: HD Graphics, support for Full HD, support for low end devices.
  • You can turn off the car engine sound and keep the game sound effects.
  • 32 Achievements and Stunt challenges
  • 6 Types of Stunts to perform and beat the challenges: Air Time, KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), Front/Back Flip, Front/Back Wheelie