Services What I offer

2D Android Game Development

I create 2D video games, from all genres, for Android devices. I take care of everything from concept, design, story writing to the coding, programming, testing and publishing. In addition my work include audio, design, production and visual arts. The development is flexible and you can provide your own resources if you wish so. Technically I develop under AndEngine OpenGL 2D framework

Android App Development

I design and implement android apps and tools, using the Android Official SDK. And using lots of third party libraries

Desktop Application

I create dektop applications, cross-platform and specially under windows. The application buisness models spread a wide range of activities: From Rental, Stock Systems, to Appointment softwares and others

QA / QC Testing

I provide testing for desktop, web or mobile application, especially on the Front-End. Tests include test cases from a library of defect that I gathered through all the softwares that I have tested, developed and debugged. The method of testing include black box and gray box testing such as: exploratory testing, scripted testing, negative stress testing, performance (Stress/Load) testing and others

Graphic Design

Originally a hobbiest, I design logos, and graphics for mobile apps and for games