Sugar Monster - Mini Games In detail

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Looking for a single free app that contains a bunch of addicting games full of fun?

With this lite version of "Sugar Monster" you will get 8 free mini games without the need of any additional installation. Perfect for killing the couple of minutes that you wait here and there.

The "Sugar Monster - The Mini Games" contains 8 addicting mini games: Donuts Pop, Sprint Race, Electric Ring, Guess It, Sugar Invaders, Stunt Jump Race, Sugar Helicopter and Candy Climb

There is a game for each and every taste ! Download now : ) !


  • 8 free addicting mini games
  • Cool graphics around sweets theme
  • Smooth physics simulation
  • Cool Music composed for the in-app mini games
  • Designed to look good on low and high end devices (incl. tablets), and fast performance on the low end cheap devices
  • Simple and Fast

This lite version is part of the full sugar monster game the "Sugar Monster - Hop Eat n Play". In case you you want the full game you can also download it for free.

If by any chance the game doesn't start, kindly consider restarting your phone and trying again.